List of Tarento : Vote for your favorites.

List of Tarento    : Vote for your favorites.

Tarento (タレント) are celebrities who regularly appear on mass media in Japan, especially television. The term is a gairaigo word – a borrowed foreign language word – from the English word "talent" (as Japanese speakers often interchange "l" and "r" sounds), and has a connotation of "famous for being famous". During the Golden Age of Hollywood, bankable stars were described as Tarento, and were distinguished from production crews which were seen as having more technical than charismatic talents. In that sense, although some sources may paint "tarento" as a concept not easily translatable outside Japanese, in many cases the term translates perfectly (or nearly so) to the English word "celebrity," including the understanding that the fame of a Tarento may or may not be based upon specific accomplishments and abilities.

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    Yū Abiru
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    Rie Kasai
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