List of Slasher Film Films and Movies : Vote for your favorites.

List of Slasher Film Films and Movies   : Vote for your favorites.

Slasher films are a subgenre of horror films, typically involving a violent psychopath stalking and murdering several people, usually with bladed tools. Although the term "slasher" is sometimes used informally as a generic term for any horror movie involving murder, analysts of the genre cite an established set of characteristics which set these films apart from other horror subgenres, such as splatter films and psychological horror films.

Some critics cite the Italian giallo films and the British-produced psychological thriller or psychological horror films Peeping Tom (1960) by Michael Powell and Psycho (1960) by Alfred Hitchcock as the earliest influential "slasher" films, and most agree that the genre's peak occurred in American films released during the 1970s and 1980s. Classic slasher films include Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), John Carpenter's Halloween (1978), Victor Miller and Sean S. Cunningham's Friday the 13th (1980), Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), and Don Mancini and Tom Holland's Child's Play (1988). Wes Craven's satirical film Scream (1996) renewed public interest in the genre, and several of the original slasher franchises were revived or rebooted in the years following the release of Scream.

Many films in the slasher genre continue to attract cult followings.

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