List of Deathgrind Bands and Artists : Vote for your favorites.

List of Deathgrind Bands and Artists   : Vote for your favorites.

Deathgrind (sometimes written as death-grind or death/grind) is a fusion of death metal and grindcore. The genre, along with pornogrind, is related to the goregrind subgenre. This genre could be considered the most extreme and violent. Zero Tolerance described deathgrind as "grindcore and brutal death metal colliding head on." Danny Lilker described deathgrind as "combining the technicality of death metal with the intensity of grindcore."

"Like death/thrash and death/black, the name death/grind undoubtedly stems from the importance of specialist mail order catalogues and their related 'zine scenes in proliferating extreme metal music to an audience whose tastes, as the '90s progressed, increasingly crossed over the traditional line between death metal and grindcore - that of lyrical content. [Death/grind e]mphasis[es] overall musical brutality with a specific focus on speed-soaked fury and the firm retention of grindcore's traditional abruptness."

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