List of Islamic Scholar : Vote for your favorites.

List of Islamic Scholar    : Vote for your favorites.

The Arabic term ulama (; Arabic: علماء‎‎ ʿUlamāʾ, singular عالِم ʿĀlim, "scholar", literally "the learned ones", also spelled ulema; feminine: alimah [singular] and uluma [plural]), according to the Encyclopedia of Islam (2000), in its original meaning "denotes scholars of almost all disciplines". More specifically, in the context of Sunni Islam, ulama are regarded as "the guardians, transmitters and interpreters of religious knowledge, of Islamic doctrine and law".

By longstanding tradition, ulama are educated in religious institutions (madrasas). The Quran, sunnah (authentic hadith), qiyas (analogical reasoning, for Sunni Islam) or 'aql ("dialectical reasoning", for Shia Islam), ijma (juridical consensus) are the sources of traditional Islamic law.

Over time, the intellectual discourse and teachings of the ulama have significantly contributed to the debates in the Muslim public sphere, and still do so to the present day. Increasingly, the traditional scholars of Islam are becoming prominent actors in contemporary Muslim societies and politics.

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