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Japanese Nagauta Music = OIMATSU #1 = 杵家会徳島支部 長唄「老松」1

Oimatsu is one of Japanese Nagauta classical songs and was composed in 1820 by Rokusaburo Kineya 4th. This is the performance played on 27th February ...

杵屋裕光 『二人椀久』 "Ninin Wankyu"  Hiromitsu Kineya

杵勝派名取師範、杵屋裕光先生の長唄『二人椀久』お茶の口切りからです。 http://www.kineyahiromitsu.jp/ 2009/7 /13、第2回納涼浴衣会にて ご本人から許...

Azuma Kabuki Musicians Nagauta Music 1954 (with liner notes)

Mono Columbia LP. Sol Hurok with the co-operation of H.I.H. Prince Takamatsu and the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents the Azuma Kabuki Musicians under the leadership of Katsutoji...