TanithThomas Andrezak, better known as Tanith, is a German DJ and producer of electronic dance music. From 1990 to 1996 he was one of the most popular German Tekkno DJs. In 1987, Andrezak changed his name and moved from Wiesbaden to Berlin at the beginning of the Acid House scene. He was the resident DJ in Berlin's first Acid House club, the Ufo. In January 1990, he organized his own night session, the Cyberspace, at Ufo II. At that time, he also worked in the Mittwochsclub and was a resident DJ in many Tekknozid raves. Tanith was the first Tekkno DJ and is considered one of the founders of the tekkno culture in Germany. In 1990, he wrote for the specialized magazine Front Page, and hosted regular after hour parties at the "Exit" club located in the old Ahornblatt building, after the Afterhour club "Walfisch" in Köpenicker Strasse closed. When the Tresor club opened in March 1991, he became a resident DJ there. He was a main guest in almost all the major raves of his time. In 1992, he devoted himself to the early breakbeat movement. 

Tanith Songs

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Tanith Songs

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