Anno 1602 Summary Information

Anno 1602 Summary Information

Anno 1602: Creation of a New World (released as 1602 A.D. in North America and Australia) is a real time strategy and city building video game, developed by Max Design. It was first published in 1998 and is the first game of the Anno series; it was re-released in 2015 on GOG.com.

The game is set in the Early Modern period of history and play entails colony building and resource management on a series of small islands. It includes aspects of exploration, combat, diplomacy and trade. Anno 1602 is an economic, rather than combat, orientated strategy game. Players are rarely challenged in battle. The game design is noteworthy for its attempt to implement a 'progressive' artificial intelligence, meaning that the pace of the game changes in response to how quickly players act.

The sequels of the game are titled Anno 1503, Anno 1701, Anno 1404, Anno 2070 and Anno 2205.